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Białe Wino i Owoce is a stylish bistro in the very heart of Gdynia. Here, you can start your day with a cup of freshly ground coffee, and at lunchtime the Chef will make sure to satisfy every appetite. Apart from the appetizers, well known all over the Tri-City, the venue also invites you to try the hot meals on the menu – every day one can sample the products of culinary imagination. And for the fans of late-night follies Białe Wino i Owoce have prepared something stronger. Both in the bar and in the kitchen there are no limits to their creative imagination.

Baranola Burger

Baranola Burger is a modern grill bar that offers its customers delicious top quality burgers, prepared using premium grade beef. Served on wheat or rye buns, with a variety of additional excellent ingredients. The quality of our burgers is far superior to what one would normally enounter at most other burger bars in Poland. Baranola’s menu options are exceptionally tasty, and healthy at the same time.
Slow Food is a new movement in the catering industry, which is committed to serving top-quality food, without artificial additives and using only natural ingredients. Our burgers are prepared according to the Slow Food principles, from excellent quality beef, always with fresh, high quality garnishes.
Each burger comes with your choice of bun:
wheat bun – baked from top quality wheat flour, without raising agents and preservatives. Sprinkled with sezame seed, slightly sweet and very fluffy.
rye bun – healthy and nourishing, baked with sourdough starter from top quality rye flour, with sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and sezame.

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