pop in diner & bar

POP IN is a new venue in the centre of Gdynia, the vibes are beautiful and delicious, and the American spirit of open-mindedness floats in the air. POP IN Diner & Bar is the result of twelve years of experience gained by the owners in running their premises in the Tri-City, who have long wanted to create something unique and refined to the smallest detail.

The Chef, Robert Kowalczyk – is truly passionate and a professional who, like no one else, can play with the taste of American cuisine combining it with the local accents. In the POP IN Diner & Bar restaurant you can count on a wide selection of breakfasts, classics of American cuisine up to signature lunches. It is also a good place to go before, because the choice of whiskey and interesting spirits is really big.


American, The European, Poland, Vegan




air conditioning, Dog water bowls, Live music, Summer garden

Facilities for children

Playground, Changing mat, A place for feeding babies, Children's portions

Optional prices

Śniadania od 14,90 + drugie śniadanie za 50 % ceny

Przekąski od 9,90

Dania główne od 21,90

Burgery od 24,90

Opening hours

monday- saturday 9.00 – 23.00

sunday 10.00 – 23.00


ul. Władysława IV 37,
81-393 Gdynia
58 380 05 01