Greece that has been fashionable in Poland for years as a holiday destination, is not only about the ancient ruins, the sun and the beach, but also about excellent and healthy food.
The restaurant owner, a Greek born in Gdynia would like to promote the excellent Greek cuisine on the Baltic coast. The menu that he created comprises of both signature recipes and traditional Greek dishes cooked at his family home. The secret of good Greek food lies not only in the correct preparation, but also in the original ingredients, i.a. extra-virgin olive oil, fresh spices and natural yoghurt. That is the reason why most of the products are directly imported from Greece. El Greco’s hit is grilled lamb ribs and mousaka, but one can also sample interesting regional dishes such as halloumi cheese, baked with the addition of Masticha(mastic) resin – a plant that grows in Greece. An interesting item are the natural teas made of Greek herbs, that are used to treat inflammation and fever.
“El Greco” is a large restaurant which consists of several rooms, with a warm and simple Mediterranean interior decor. Walls, the colour of the Greek sun, are covered with a structural plaster finish, there is stone flooring, the tables and sideboards are wooden, and the kitchen – the heart of the restaurant – is open-plan, which enables one to watch the culinary masters at work. The restaurant’s name is a tribute to the famous Spanish painter of Greek descent – El Greco, whose portrait and a famous work called “View of Toledo” can be admired in the form of a fresco taking up the entire wall. Ocassionally “El Greco” hosts Greek Evenings, led by Grigoris Ikonomou, a legend of Greek music in Poland, the promoter of i.a Eleni.

The Chef recommends:

  • grilled octopuss
  • mousaka
  • grilled lamb ribs


Greek, Mediterranean


Thematic, Traditional


air conditioning, Dog water bowls, Live music, Summer garden, Organization of the celebration, Wi-Fi, Facilities for disabled people

Facilities for children

Children's portions

Optional prices

Zupa: 11 – 16 PLN
Danie główne mięsne: 22 – 87 PLN
Danie główne rybne: 30 – 88 PLN

Opening hours

monday- sunday: 12:00 – 23:00


ul. Piłsudskiego 1,
81-001 Gdynia
58 622 77 52