captain cook

The restaurant, as befits the headquarters of Captain Cook, is located on the port quay, adjacent to “Blyskawica” and “Dar Pomorza” and is famous for its maritime cuisine. In addition to the commonly known fish such as halibut(sole), mackerel, salmon, cod and herring, there are also a bit more exotic creatures served here, such as octopuss and squid, as well as a fish with the graceful name of mahi mahi. “Captain Cook” is the only restaurant in Poland that features on its menu this 1.5 m long fish from the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico with white meat similar in taste to halibut. The restaurant also boasts its own, two-chamber smokehouse, where in the one chamber fish is being smoked on a regular basis, and home-made cold meats in the other. “Captain Cook” also attracts amateurs of venison, of which it has a large selection. For a few years now, events accompanying the FPFF have been held here and Polish cinema stars happen to pop in for a fresh fish.
The tall, 14-metre high venue has three levels and its decor reflects that of the ship deck. The lower level and mezzanine are simple and rustic, it is a part of the ship intended for sailors, i.e. wooden walls and floors, benches lined with sheepskins and fishing nets hanging from the ceiling. There is also a fireplace and numerous maritime elements such as anchors, sea lamps and models of sailing ships, and aquariums, including one with the bloodthirsty piranhas, provide entertainment. The highest level, the headquarters of the ship’s captain, is completely different. It is a real, luxury captain’s mess, with its own well-stocked bar, burgundy walls decorated with paintings, soft and comfortable sofas and a beautiful view of the port. Captain Cook himself probably likes to sit here, thinking about his next expedition.

The Chef recommends:

  • seafood platter
  • Royal octopuss with vegetables
  • Mahi mahi fish – Captain Cook’s signature dish


Poland, Fish, Vegetarian


Traditional, Sea ​​view


air conditioning, Dog water bowls, Live music, Summer garden, Organization of the celebration, Breakfasts, Facilities for disabled people, Wi-Fi

Facilities for children

Children's portions

Optional prices

Zupy: 8 – 14 PLN
Danie główne mięsne: 19 – 39 PLN
Danie główne rybne: 25 – 59 PLN
Kawa: 6 PLN
Wino (butelka): 45 – 90 PLN

Opening hours

sunday – monday: 9:00 – 22:00

friday – saturday: 9.00 – 4.00


ul. Jana Pawła II 2,
81-345 Gdynia
58 620 23 05, 58 667 70 00