Kandelabry premium club

“Kandelabry Premium Pub” – this is where beer found its home…Kandelabry is an exceptional venue of the multitap variety, located in the heart of Gdynia, with an ‘Irish pub’ interior design. Known to its regulars for the wide range of bottled local craft beers and beers from international non-commercial breweries, as well as for its fifteen taps, where a different keg of excellent beer is connected every week. At the pub you will not only have a drink, but can also get a good lunch. On the restaurant menu you will find, among others, excellent ribs in a homemade BBQ sauce marinade, based on Jack Daniels, as well as your ideal burgers, which were refined to perfection by the Kandelabra chefs. Additionally, the menu includes an item called Burger of the Month, which always comes as a small culinary surprise, and at the same time is an interesting proposition for burger adventure seekers. The pub owners make sure that your time spent in it is exceptional. You will play a lot of board games, watch the broadcast of the game, listen to live music, stamp your foot to the rhythm of indie-rock that the DJ will play for you, and have fun with your friends playing the Pub Quiz.




Thematic, View of greenery


Summer garden

Facilities for children

No amenities

Optional prices

Opening hours

monday – thursday: 13:00 – 23:00

friday – saturday: 13:00 – 1:00

sunday: 13:00 – 23:00


ul. Jana Pawła II 9,
81-345 Gdynia
509 919 884