Tokyo Sushi bar

“Tokyo Sushi” is a compulsory destination on the culinary map of Gdynia for all lovers of Asian cuisine. The wide variety of sushi on offer here is impressive, and everyone will find something for themselves, both those who are just beginning their adventure with Japanese cuisine as well as expert gourmets. In simple terms, sushi is sour, fermented rice, filled or garnished with raw fish or seafood, but at ‘Tokyo Sushi’ there are plenty of vegetarian options available too. In addition to the popular cucumber and avocado, they can order sushi with oshinko turnip, calabash, sweet omelette, shitake mushrooms or the ume plum. It is also worth trying the original green teas from the Land of the Cherry Blossom, which with their exotic taste, complete every meal. The process of making sushi is an elaborate ceremony. According to the Japanese etiquette, the sushi master prepares all the dishes before our eyes, so you can watch how sushi is made and practice it at home later.

The great positive advantage of the restaurant is its modern and refined design. In the Japanese culture, a great importance is attached to simplicity, form and composition and the minimalist, sophisticated interior of “Tokyo Sushi” fits well into this tradition. Against the background of white and grey interior decor, attention is drawn to the details: two beautiful, colourful aquariums, a wall lined with shells, a large photo of an octopus and a white construction in the window of the restaurant that symbolises algae. The eye is also drawn to three illuminated paintings with a fish motif painted by a friend of the owner specifically for this interior and inspired by Japanese tattoo.
“Tokyo Sushi” is all about traditional recipes and the modern vibe of Tokyo right in the centre of Gdynia, so itadakimasu! – Bon appétit!



gluten-free, Japanese, Vegetarian, Thai


Universal, Thematic


Catering, air conditioning, Summer garden, Wi-Fi

Facilities for children

Children's portions

Optional prices

Zupy: 10-17 PLN
Hosomaki (6 szt): 9 – 20 PLN
Nilgiri (2szt): 9 – 26 PLN
Tatar: 35 – 65 PLN
Herbata: 6 – 9 PLN
Wino(butelka): 50 – 290 PLN

Opening hours

monday- sunday od 12:00 – 22:00


ul. Mściwoja 9,
81-361 Gdynia
58 669 60 80