The regulars call it the green tavern. Maybe it’s because there are a lot of green elements in the interior, which has been designed to look like the mess deck aboard an old ship, or because a trunk of a real tree has grown into its centre. It can also be associated with green Ireland, where many sea shanties have been composed and sung. At the “Tawerna” you can listen not only to sailing songs, because there is no shortage of good rock music, played live, every day from 8 pm onwards. The action never stops here, well, maybe around five o’clock in the morning, when the last customers leave, and we have to quickly clean up and prepare for the morning breakfast session. The breakfast price ranges from 5 to 16 PLN, so they are very popular. The excellent, large omelettes filled with cheese are worth recommending. After eating a breakfast like that, you will only get hungry again in the evening. However, both those for whom lunch is the most important meal of the day, as well as those who prefer dinners for two or dining with a group of friends, will be satisfied with the rich and original culinary offering of the “Tawerna”. The restaurant serves mainly fish and seafood. The Chef recommends eleven main fish dishes, both from saltwater fish, as well as fish caught in the Kashubian lakes. Guests praise the halibut(sole) steak, ‘uczta morska’ [sea feast] platter and the perch with lemon pepper. Seafood lovers can order shrimp fried in butter, wine and garlic. Our food is unique and makes you want to come back.



International, Poland, Fish, Vegetarian




Catering, Breakfasts, Live music, Dog water bowls, Wi-Fi

Facilities for children

Children's portions

Optional prices

Zupy: 10 – 15PLN

Przystawki: 16 – 19 PLN
Danie główne mięsne: 28 – 33 PLN
Danie główne rybne: 27 – 45 PLN

Opening hours

monday- sunday: czynne całą dobę


ul. Jana Pawła II 11,
81-345 Gdynia
730 175 382