It finally happened – the “Falla”[Wave] arrived at the sea. It had broken through from Poznan down the Odra to the Baltic Sea and with the high tide it had anchored for good in Gdynia. It is time for the cuisine of the Maghreb to take over the seaside town that we love so much. In the small but cosy restaurant you can enjoy different variations on the most popular Israeli, Moroccan or Tunisian dishes – in a vegetarian version of course. The power of colours, Middle Eastern aromas, spices, which are probably not used on a daily basis – all this is on the restaurant’s menu. From distinctive, fluffy hummus in the classic and flavoured version, through the flagship falafel in a crispy wrap or served on a plate, accompanied by fresh and marinated vegetables, to the aromatic Shakshouka with egg. And this followed by the eggplant sprinkled with pomegranate seeds straight from Tel Aviv, traditional Turkish Ayran and seasonal surprises – you will surely find something for yourself.


Vegan, Vegetarian




Dog water bowls, Summer garden, Wi-Fi

Facilities for children

High chairs for feeding

Optional prices

Dania: 16 – 45 PLN

Opening hours

monday – saturday: 12:00 – 21:00


ul. I Armii Wojska Polskiego 13,
81-383 Gdynia
790 444 125