Jedz pij tańcz

The concept behind this venue is very simple. Without puffing up, focussing on the quality of the food, on the quality of the music. “Eat Drink Dance” is a restaurant for people who want to eat well, feel the non-committal ambience, relax. “Eat Drink Dance” is a bar where we can have a drink, buy a bottle of wine or champagne. We can talk to friends, laugh. “Eat Drink Dance” is a café, where we can drink aromatic coffee, eat some cake, read daily newspapers. “Eat Drink Dance” is a club where DJs from all over Poland visit us in the evening and present authentic house music, vocal house etc. It’s as simple as that – the venue is a place to meet and make new interesting friends. The restaurant declares that it is there to make life easier for Tricity residents and tourists by organizing interesting events.


Vegetarian, Italian


Modern, View of greenery


Summer garden

Facilities for children

No amenities

Optional prices

Opening hours

monday- sunday: from 11:00


ul. Jana Pawła II 9,
81-345 Gdynia
530 447 693